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This series of auto-control cabinets are mainly used for controlling the automatic flow line.  Generally speaking, this series of electric-control cabinets have the form of “multi-cabinets to one machine”. The maximum current can be 2500A.

Auto-control cabinet has the characteristic of various functions and complex controlling. Therefore, its inner composing and connecting is quite complex as well. This kind of cabinet integrates with various auto-control components, such as PLC, Touch screen, Inverter, Thermal meter and Chemical instrument. It also includes Distributed Control System (DCS), which is controlled by the computer, etc.

After the manufacture and initial/routine inspection of the cabinets, we will do some simulations to make sure the cabinets can work properly and correctly before delivering to our customer. Our company has invested some simulation test equipments, related standard meters and instruments. Therefore, we have the capability and condition to do simulation tests.  According to the technological requirements, we can test more than hundredsof digital signals (0V, 24V, 100V and 200V, etc), standard current/voltage signals (4~20 mA, 1~5V, 0~10V, etc.), the thermal resistance/ thermocouple temperature signals (Pt100, mV) and the pressure signals (kPa) at the same time. Through the simulation tests, we can judge whether the cabinets work properly or correctly and whether the wires and cables connect correctly. If there is any problem in the cabinets, we can find out the problem and resolve it in time. These equipments can extremely enhance auto-control cabinets' reliability and reduce the work load in the final customers' site commissioning. 

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