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This series of electric-control cabinets are mainly designed as accessoryequipments according to the customers' requirement. We can design and manufacture these electric-control cabinets based on the drawingsprovided by customers or designed ourselves including program design, circuit design and productive technology design upon customer requests.These designs will be implemented after customer's confirmation. The maximum current of electric-control cabinets can be 1200A.

Generally speaking, this series of electric-control cabinets have the form of “one cabinet to one machine” and always fixed on the machine/equipment.  Therefore, the cables outside the cabinet can be provided to the customer altogether.  The cables'  length, section, core number,outside diameter, color, copper-connectors and labels can also be decided by the customers. After receiving the cabinet, customer just needs tofix the cabinet on the equipment and connect the cables according to the drawings and labels before use.  Therefore, our products are very convenient for customer's final assembly.

Our company has the series of copper-connectors and wire crimping equipments.  Besides, our company has crimping strength traction testequipments, which can test the crimping intensity between the wire and copper connector. These manufacture equipments and tests equipments ensure the crimping reliability. Star Delta Starting cabinet, Self Coupling Voltage-Reduction Starting cabinet, Inverter cabinet and Soft Starting cabinet are all included in the series' electric-control cabinets products.

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