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********** SEASON ONE **********

Song List by Episode/Scene:

{Used During Commercials/Promos}

  • “Mas” - Kinky

    Pilot: (Episode I)

  • “Lonely” – Bebel Gilberto (Christian driving in his car during opening credits)
  • “Lonely” – Bebel Gilberto {REPRISE} - (Christian first meets Kimber at bar)
  • “Giddy Up” – Indo (Christian and Kimber first have sex) **NOTE** THIS WAS NEVER RELEASED
  • “Paint It Black” – Rolling Stones (First operation on drug-lord/child molester)
  • “Truth or Dare” – N.E.R.D (Christian walking into Escobar Gallardo’s suite/botoxing ‘girls’)
  • “Panoptica” – Nortec Collective (Christian being tortured by Escobar who has the daughter that had been molested)
  • “And L” – Panoptica {from the Nortec Collective: The Tijuana Sessions -Volume 1} - (Christian being tortured by Escobar who has the daughter that had been molested)

    Mandi/Randi: (Episode 2)

  • “Motherf**ker” – We Are Evolved (Christian with tanning booth girl)
  • “Genetic World” – Telepopmuzik (Mandi/Randi surgery)
  • “Coup D’Etat” – Sekou The Ambassador (Christian/Matt at strip club)
  • “Walking On Space” – Smooth (Christian gets lap dance from stripper Ayvante at club)
  • “Over My Head” – Fleetwood Mac (Julia goes to Christian’s and finds him in bed with Mandi/Randi)

    Nanette Babcock: (Episode 3)

  • “Theme Song” – Emergency (Matt finds Ridley/Vanessa ‘together’)
  • “The Blue Danube Waltz – Op. 314” – Johann Strauss (Mrs. Grubman’s tummy-tuck surgery done by Sean)
  • “Breathe Deeply” – Bird York (Christian calls Nanette to tell her they won’t do her surgery/Nanette working out on treadmill)
  • “The Boy from Ipanema” – Peggy Lee (Mrs. Grubman and Christian in the bedroom)
  • “So Damn Beautiful” – Poloroid (Nanette commits suicide)

    Sofia Lopez: (Episode 4)

  • “Peg” – Steely Dan (Christian/Matt at Porn Party – Merril Bobolit tries to recruit Christian for his practice)
  • “In Your World {remix} - Red Cola – (Matt/ “Fluffer”-girl talk at porn party)

    Kurt Dempsey: (Episode 5)

  • “The La La Song” – Benny Cassette (Christian/friends at bar)
  • Instrumental – James S. Levine {original composition} – (Grace/Christian in hallway as Christian ‘admires’ plant-girl Jasmine)
  • “Detail In Grun” – Turismo (Christian at bar/former patient Shelly Edwards ‘offers’ herself and her daughter in exchange for more surgery)
  • “Lovefool” – The Cardigans (Kurt Dempsey’s surgery/Grace finds Christian w/plant girl Jasmine in his office)
  • “Gimmi Gimmi” – Tosca (Christian/Grace at bar together)

    Megan O’Hara: (Episode 6)

  • Instrumental techno/rap-clip – James S. Levine {original composition} - (Christian & Grace have sex in break room against wall)
  • “Tighten Up” – Archie Bell & the Drells (Bliss Berger’s arm “wing” surgery)
  • “Spirits” – Junkie XL (Kimber at cover photo shoot with Christian)
  • “Live Street” – Livstrumpet (Christian/Kimber ‘together’ in his shower)
  • “Where Do I Begin” – Shirley Bassey (Sean checks on Bliss Berger post-op/Kimber’s fiancée Nico comes to Troy-McNamara/destroys Christian’s office)
  • “Baby” – Koop {featuring Cecilia Stalin} – Kimber having dinner she prepared at Christian’s/Christian breaks up with her
  • “Hiding Behind the Moon” – Jeff Hanson (Matt/Vanessa/Ridley threesome)
  • “Nothing Natural” – Jill Sobule (Matt/Vanessa/Ridley threesome continued)
  • “Where Do I Begin” – Shirley Bassey {REPRISE} - (Bliss Berger meets on-line/phone “boyfriend”)

    Cliff Mantegna: (Episode 7)

  • “Skin Tight” – Ohio Players (Kimber pretends to be hooker/picked up by Christian/have sex in his car)
  • “Smile” – Dzihan & Kamien (Jude fixing breakfast for Julia at his apartment)
  • “Beautiful Crazy” – Space Raiders (Christian & Kimber {in nurse outfit} at CT’s apartment – takes pictures of Kimber for the “The Scene”)
  • “Funky” – Five Deez (Matt/Vanessa/Ridley get caught in threesome by Julia)
  • “Emerge” – Fischerspooner (Cliff Mantegna’s surgery)
  • "No Dice" - Tipper (Julia at Jude's apartment as he gets ready for 'The Scene')
  • “Make Me Cry” – B-Factor (Christian & Kimber arrive/intro at “The Scene”)
  • “Sleepy Language” – Layo & Bushwacka (Kimber in ‘Girl on Girl’ room at “The Scene”/Christian watching)

    Cara Fitzgerald: (Episode 8)

  • “Boodie Boodie” – Ghetto Invaders (song playing on car radio before Matt hits Cara)
  • “6 Yrs” – Reach 454 (other song playing on car radio before Matt hits Cara)
  • “Clair De Lune” – Claude Debussy (Megan’s breast augmentation surgery)

    Sofia Lopez – Part II: (Episode 9)

  • “Boombox” – Mosquitos (Christian/Kimber/Merril Bobolit at the spa)
  • “About the Sun” – Trevor Lissauer (Megan/Sean make love in hotel)
  • “Lover Boy” – Billy Ocean (Julia/Jude working out at gym)
  • “Shelter Me” – The Open Door (Kimber goes to Christian’s after finding out she was “sold” for Bobolit’s car/ties up Christian)
  • “Fever” – Daniel Ash (Kimber tortures tied-up Christian)
  • “A Sorta Fairytale” – Tori Amos (show ending)

    Adelle Coffin: (Episode 10)

  • "Sunshine Superman" - Donovan (Christian/surgery - sews fingers on patient incorrectly)
  • "The Four Seasons" - Antonio Vivaldi {Concerto No.3 in F Major, RV.293 'Autumn': l: Allegro} - (Christian/Sean in re-certification with "heads")
  • “Claire De Lune” – Claude Debussy (Megan & Sean have dinner)
  • Instrumental Techno Clip – James S. Levine {original composition} – (Christian walking into morgue to practice on Jane Doe head)
  • “Rocket Man” – Elton John (Megan commits suicide)
  • Instrumental – James S. Levine {original composition} – (Megan’s funeral/ash scattering)
  • Montana/Sassy/Justice: (Episode 11)
  • “Hot Legs” – Rod Stewart (Montana/Sassy “tankle” surgery)

    Antonia Ramos: (Episode 12)

  • “Poison Arrow” – ABC (Maria’s heroin-filled breast implant removal surgery)
  • “Drive” – The Cars (Sean & Christian meet Escobar to pay him off at pancake/coffee house)
  • “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” – Corey Hart (Sean, Christian, & Liz meet Escobar at hotel to remove Antonia Ramos’ implants)

    Escobar Gallardo: (Episode 13) - FINALE

  • “She Blinded Me With Science” – Thomas Dolby (Heroin breast implant removal surgery)
  • ““Baby” – Koop (Christian/Kimber/Bobolit at Bobolit’s house)
  • “Freaky (To You)” – Sweet Stuff (Christian/Gina have “labor-inducement” sex)
  • “Cars” – Gary Neuman (Sean goes to Escobar’s to kill him)
  • “Rapture” – Blondie (Sean’s post-attempt to kill Escobar/Escobar asks for new face)
  • “Wild World” – Cat Stevens (Sean in hotel/Julia comes to get back together)
  • “Following” – Chungking (McNamara’s/Christian having dinner at ending)
  • “Machine Gun” – Commodores (Escobar gets busted at airport by FBI w/’new’ face of Jorge Barco)
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