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nip/tuck *snip snip sweetheart* UPDATES
5x15 "Ronnie Chase"
09 Jan 2009 --- nychen --- comments (0)
Season5part2 premiered with an episode called "Ronnie Chase", read the FORUM fan discussion, and let us know what you thought! I personally rated A or 9/10 and I'm glad the show started off with a bang, er SLICE! and seems to be back to character focus instead of waaay-over-the-top plots, though lots of gratuitous sex and surgery is always appreciated! HAH! laughing

Missed an episode? Now "Nip/Tuck" episodes are available for download officially and at a reason $1.99/episode immediately after it airs on FX. You can buy them on Amazon using their Unbox video program, extremely easy to do - I've used it to buy/watch 2 seasons of Showtime's "Dexter" and other TV shows.

Happy NEW YEAR 2009, Happy New eCARDS!
31 Dec 2008 --- nychen --- comments (5)
Happy New Year NipTuckFans! It's 2009! Celebrate send New Year wishes and send new/fresh eCards for Season5part2!

Happy New 2009 - send eCards

Season 5 Part 2 behind the scenes --- 01/06/2009
25 Dec 2008 --- nychen --- comments (1)

MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL niptuckfans here there everywhere!!! Hope you got what you wished for!

Season 5 Part 2 --- January 6, 2009
23 Nov 2008 --- nychen --- comments (0)

Happy Thanksgiving!!! and THANK YOU to every Nip/Tuck fan out there...
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